Al-Mudaram Burner

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Using a non-electric burner to burn bakhoor is a time-honored practice that infuses your surroundings with a rich, aromatic ambiance. This traditional method connects you with the essence of the past while enveloping your space in a captivating fragrance.

To begin, select a suitable non-electric incense burner, such as a mabkhara or charcoal burner, and place it on a heat-resistant surface. This will ensure safety and stability throughout the process. Bakhoor, the fragrant resin or wood chips, is the heart of this ritual. Gently break down the bakhoor into smaller pieces, facilitating even combustion.

Next, prepare a quick-lighting charcoal tablet. Holding it with tongs, ignite the edge until it crackles and sparks. Allow the charcoal to smolder and glow red, signifying its readiness for the bakhoor. Carefully position the heated charcoal tablet at the burner's center. The burner's intricate designs often reflect the charm of your chosen fragrance.

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Al-Mudaram Burner

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