Super Oud Deal - 2022

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Top Notes: Woody, oud

Middle Notes: Warm, spicy, aromatic

Base Notes: Patchouli

This high quality bakhoor carries the genuine scent of the Hajr al Aswad stone in Makkah. With a sensual yet oriental scent to it, this bakhoor takes you back to the beautiful haram in Makkah. It has a long lasting aroma that leaves you soaked in nostalgia. Perfect for spiritual and religious gatherings, this bakhoor is made with original Souk Black Oud that smells like the sacred Hajr e Aswad. Its sweet, honey-like, strong and deep scent leaves you in awe. This beautiful scent symbolizes the magnificence of the holy sight leaving you surrounded with a calm and soothing environment perfect for meditation and religious gatherings.

Usage: It can be burnt on all types of burners.

Packaging: It comes in a luxurious glass jar 

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Super Oud Deal - 2022

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