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Electric Burner from KSA🇸🇦

 Safe to use, The self-contained electric incense burner shaped a hairdryer and without any wires, USB charging, on the basis of the traditional lighter incense, made a leap-forward improvement, through the high-temperature electric heating wire to ignite the spices, no longer have the traditional burning smell, and the product is more Safety.

Easy to carry, The portable incense burner has a small as pocket size and is portable , travel more convenient.

Modern fashion, this stylish portable bukhoor, full of design, is an indispensable choice for home and travel. 4, Green, USB charging, can be used repeatedly, warra

Green, USB charging, can be used repeatedly.

Beautifully packaged, a new generation of handheld USB is the best choice for sending loved ones and friends.

Imported from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia🇸🇦

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