Body Spray or Body Mist which one Lasts Longer ?

Body Spray or Body Mist which one Lasts Longer ?

There is a huge uproar in the market industry when it comes to the synthesis of fragrances and perfumes. The range of these scents is enormous varying from one to another. The variety often time perplexes the customers when choosing the right kind of sent for themselves. The turbulence escalates as the market is introducing new variations of fragrances with every passing day. From body mists to body sprays there is diversity in the fragrances.

From the moment we step out of our morning shower and hit out to work or school we want to smell good and refreshing. Body mist and body sprays come in bottles that are handy and can be sneaked into your bag either you are a student or a professional person these two products always come in user-oriented when needed. Both of them make you smell amazing significantly they are doing the same job. However, the question that arises here is which one is better and which one lasts relatively longer than the other.

Composition of Body Mist and Body Spray:

Firstly let's scrutinize their composition. Body sprays are like perfumes from their composition to their smells. They have a stronger taint to it the way perfumes possess. It is an amalgamation of essential oils, herbs, chemicals, water, and alcohol. While body it consists of natural fragrance that could be from any fruit or oil along with alcohol such as butane, isobutene, propane, partum. A surprising fact for all the perfume, body mist, and body spray users is that the body sweat doesn't itself have its smell. But when it comes in contact with the bacteria on the body they tend to manifest a peculiar odor which consequently is extremely unpleasant. Hence, it is necessary to understand the quality and type of body fragrance that we use for our body. A body mist can be considered as a relatively lighter category of perfumes 2-3 splashes of body mist are sufficiently enough for you to smell good. But how long does it last? Well as much as it smells amazing the duration of the fragrance is not long-lasting.

Pros and Cons of using Body Mist:

Just like any other product out there in the market these products also have their fair share of Pros and Cons. Ranging from its scent to its durability to its compositions. Let's ponder upon few notions that should be considered when using body mist.

  1. Since it is not a stronger smell it is used to smell beautiful yet not pungent at the same time.
  2. The people who are allergic and have an asthmatic reaction to stronger smells like perfumes and body sprays can use body mists as it has an extremely light taint to it.
  3. As it has a light smell the usual duration for it to stay on the body is 2-3 hours after which you have to reapply it.
  4. Body mist does not come in regular container bottles such as the ones used for perfumes, deodorant and body sprays rather it comes in plastic pump bottles.
  5. As mentioned before due to its lighter essence it does not hold off the body odor from underarms as compare to body spray since it's relatively stronger in smell.

Pros and Cons of Body Spray:

For the people who live a fast pace life like athletes use body spray, it can be considered as another form of deodorant. Being selectively arduous in odor they have the property to linger a little longer on your body. Following are the things to be kept in mind while using a body spray.

  1. As the body sweat, doesn't have a smell until it reacts with the body bacteria body sprays come very handily in this regard. It masks the body odors and the musky unpleasant smell of the body stays at bay.
  2. Body sprays are not as strong as perfumes but at the same time not as light as the body mists so the time duration for them to stay at the body for you to smell good is comparatively less them perfumes but more than the body mists.
  3. Perfumes are spritzed on the specific body area such as pulse points while body mist is splashed on clothes with only two to three pumps. However, body sprays can be sprayed all over the body for a more profound effect and long-lasting smell.
  4. Body sprays fall under the genre of deodorants and certain deodorants are antiperspirants that prevent the body from sweating, therefore, there is a large number of athletes that prefer using body sprays so that when they play in the heat they don't end up smelling weird.
  5. For those of us who sweat relatively more, they should tend to use body sprays. Because let's be honest nobody wants to smell malodorous and antiperspirants sever a great deal in this regard.

The perfume for men has a relatively stronger scent than the ones for females and many perfumes do offer a wide range of perfumes but due to its expensive cost body sprays and body mists become pocket and customer friendly. Both have their appreciative qualities and idiosyncratic properties the duration of the scent varies. However, body sprays last longer than body mist.

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