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What is Bakhoor?

Bakhoor is primarily a woodchip which has been immersed in aromatic oil and blended with other natural components such as resin, sandalwood essential oils with others. In the Arabian history, the Bakhoor is fired in conventional incense burner known as Mabkhara to get the Fragrance. 

1: Bakhoor Oud Aswad (Holly Makkah Saudia Arabia) 70 grams

2: Bakhoor Black Oud UAE 70 grams

3: Oud Fragrance Wood Chip 30 grams

4: Bakhoor Arabian Oud (Holly Makkah Saudia Arabia) 70 gram

5: Bakhoor Anfasak Oud (Holly Makkah Saudia Arabia) 30 grams

6: Moattar Shagaf (Holy Makkah) Saudia Arabia 30 grams

7: Bakhoor Ameera (UAE) 70 grams

8: Bakhoor Sheikha (UAE) 70 grams

9: Bakhoor Al-Anwar (UAE) 70 grams

10: Bakhoor Umme Ali (Wood Chip) 30 grams


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