What is bakhoor, benefits of using bakhoor and the impression it leaves

Bakhoor- an alluring product, a wooden chip dipped in oil and perfumes and countless other natural products such as resins and sandalwood for the m...

People there are now fragrance just for men’s beard, not kidding.

Where beard mist and beard perfume make the scurf or the beard rough and dry the essential oils and the carrier oil with in total of 5% of essential oil in the product to make beard a smooth ground to grow.

Body Spray or Body Mist which one Lasts Longer ?

There is a huge uproar in the market industry when it comes to the synthesis of fragrances and perfumes. The range of these scents is enormous vary...

Why shouldn't you put perfume in your hair- and what to do instead?

We all want our hair to smell really good especially in hot and humid weather where everything smells musty. Due to sweating your hair tend to gene...

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