Al-Rajhi Incense Burner

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The Al-Rajhi Incense Burner is a part of our vast collection of non-electric burners

Preparing the Bakhoor: Select the Bakhoor or incense you want to burn. Ensure it is in small pieces or blocks that can fit onto the burner's surface.

Heat Source: Non-electric burners require an external heat source such as Coals.

Ignite the Charcoal: If using charcoal tablets, place one on a heatproof surface or burner. Use a lighter or matchstick to ignite the edge of the charcoal. Allow it to heat until it turns red and starts to glow.

Place Bakhoor on the Burner: Once the charcoal is hot and glowing, carefully place a small piece of Bakhoor on top of it. Ensure that the Bakhoor is not in direct contact with the flame to prevent it from burning too quickly.

Enjoy the Fragrance: As the Bakhoor begins to heat up, it will release its fragrance. The heat from the charcoal will gradually burn the Bakhoor, emitting aromatic smoke. Allow the scent to permeate the room and enjoy the fragrance.

Ventilation: It's important to maintain proper ventilation while burning Bakhoor. Open windows or doors to allow fresh air circulation and prevent the room from becoming overly smoky.
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Al-Rajhi Incense Burner

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