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Introducing the Hair Oud Mist collection, featuring three captivating flavors: Souk al Oud, Souk Ameer, and Musk Al Souk. Immerse yourself in the essence of luxury with these exquisite fragrances, each meticulously crafted to elevate your grooming experience.

  • Souk al Oud: Dive into the rich depths of oud with Souk al Oud. This majestic fragrance combines traditional oud accords with subtle hints of spice and wood, creating an irresistible aroma that lingers throughout the day.

  • Souk Ameer: Embark on a journey of elegance with Souk Ameer, a harmonious blend of floral and oriental notes. Delicate accents of jasmine, rose, and amber come together to create a fragrance that exudes sophistication and refinement.

  • Musk Al Souk: Surrender to the allure of Musk Al Souk, a seductive fusion of musk and exotic spices. Let yourself be enchanted by this warm and sensual fragrance, leaving a trail of intrigue wherever you go.

Indulge in luxury without compromise - each flavor of the Hair Oud Mist collection is available for just Rs 2799. Elevate your grooming routine and make a statement with these extraordinary fragrances that embody sophistication and style

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Hair OudMist
Souk Ameer - Rs.2,799.00
  • Souk Ameer - Rs.2,799.00
  • Musk Al Souk - Rs.2,799.00
  • Souk Al oud - Rs.2,799.00

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