Perfume Oud Rose Wood

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Oud Rose Wood is a fragrance that combines the rich, woody depth of oud with the elegance of rose and other complementary notes. Here are the key notes and characteristics of this perfume:

Top Notes:

  1. Bergamot: Like many fragrances, Oud Rose Wood may open with a burst of bergamot, providing a bright and refreshing citrusy top note.

Heart Notes: 2. Rose: The heart of the fragrance features a prominent rose note. Rose adds a floral and slightly sweet aspect to the composition, providing a delicate contrast to the deeper oud and wood notes.

Base Notes: 3. Oud: Oud is the star of this perfume. It's a precious and highly sought-after resinous wood note that lends depth, complexity, and a touch of smokiness to the fragrance.

  1. Sandalwood: Sandalwood is often paired with oud in fragrances. It adds a creamy, woody, and slightly sweet quality, enhancing the overall richness of the composition.

  2. Patchouli: Patchouli contributes earthiness and depth to the base notes, complementing the oud and sandalwood.

Additional Notes:

  • Spices: There may be hints of spices like saffron, nutmeg, or black pepper, which can add warmth and complexity to the fragrance.

  • Amber: Amber might be used to enhance the resinous and sweet aspects of the scent, adding warmth and longevity.

  • Leather: Some variations of oud-based fragrances include a leather note, which can provide a subtle, luxurious, and slightly animalic quality to the overall aroma.

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Perfume Oud Rose Wood
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