What is bakhoor, benefits of using bakhoor and the impression it leaves

What is bakhoor, benefits of using bakhoor and the impression it leaves

Bakhoor- an alluring product, a wooden chip dipped in oil and perfumes and countless other natural products such as resins and sandalwood for the manifestation of delicious and intoxicating fragrances. The variety of bakhoor ranges masses in terms of scents so it’s safe to say that there is a possibility for you to find the perfect bakhoor that is analogous to your taste and style. Bakhoor is the staple product used as a counterpart of fragrance in Middle East.

This historical therapeutic product is used by burning in a bakhoor burner by a lighter until it’s red and glowing. And then it is left in the bakhoor burner where all the oils, perfumes and natural earth ingredients. The significance and usage of bakhoor is a current era urban trend rather it traces back to the historical time from this millennial age. As it is an organic product bakhoor price in Pakistan as relatively higher Religions from across the globe have been using bakhoor as a part of their religious rituals. When we listen to the word bakhoor the first instinct that kicks into our subconscious is; a product that is naturally used as an aromatic to induce refreshing scents in the air. 

However, other than fragrance there is a list a never-ending list of the benefits that bakhoor provides. Here is a guide on the beneficial properties that a bakhoor possess.

  • Spiritual Correspondence:

The fact that bakhoor has been used by many religions globally is not hidden. Sufism declares fragrance as a sign for the presence of God claiming it to be a source of spirituality and an inspiration as fragrance for them is a sublime deity. As they burn bakhoor in their surroundings the scents the air gets infused with the delicious natural aromatics that the bakhoor possess. The traces of bakhoor in Christianity and Judaism lead us to The Gospels and Torah where it has been used a staple for countless religious rituals.

  • Calming Properties:

Minds of the people from this millennial age are scattered all over the place. There is hardly a minute when you have a moment of clarity that you relish for yourself. Well, the good news is that there are bakhoor socked and infused with lavender, jasmine and Sage that when burned helps you to clear your mind. It relieves stress and anxiety helps you to calm down and have sometime for yourself with a relaxed mind. The scent of bakhoor goes a long way it assists you to sort out your life problems with a clear mind.  

  • Inspires you to be creative:

Since it helps to put your mind at ease with a relaxed mind that is free of all the stress and anxiety new ideas are born. A lot of people have been burning it while doing any sort of task because of it theoretic properties it is believed that it helps your mind to wonder off at places that give birth to new and innovative ideas that otherwise were not possible with a mind and body filled with stress and anxiety.

  • Aids a better sleeps/ cures insomnia:

Bakhoor provides aromatherapy that helps in having a better and deep sleep. In this generation insomnia is considered as a casual thing that every other person is experiencing. Sleepless nights leads to restless days and these restless days bring more stress, anxiety and depression burning bakhoor in your room before you go to sleep helps you to have a more relaxed and deep sleep so that when you wake up your mind is calmed ready for the day ahead of you

  • Zero to no Harm:

While using a perfume or another fragrance such as deodorant or a body spray a cost is paid that is since it has an handful amount of alcohol it stirs headaches and breathing problems in many people but as a person uses bakhoor due to its composition the element of wood and it being socked in oil it gets as harmless as a dove with lots of healing and beneficial properties and causing zero to no harm.

  • Fragrance:

Talking about bakhoor and ignore the major element of fragrance in it, this is entirely impossible. The main reason bakhoor is being using in the Middle East right now by all men and women are because of its long last and unforgettable scent. With different types of bakhoor present in the market people can get fragrance of their own choice the way they want to smell. Most men and women from Middle East lit a bakhoor in their room before they go to take a shower and after that they stand near the smoke rising from the burner to soak in all the fragrance of bakhoor that way you get more natural and organic side of a scent.

 Impression it leaves

So, if your looking for the best bakhoor present in the market right now Souk Galleria is offering a vast range of bakhoors along with the burners including incense burners, jewel burner and eclectic burner every single one of these bakhoor is infuses with different earthly ingredients to be possessing various healing properties using bakhoor leaves a very calming and soothing impressing not just for you but also for the people in your surroundings. Usage of bakhoor in the urban lifestyle where chemicals such as air fresheners are being used fir fragrance using bakhoor leaves a very chic impression.

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