What Makes a Perfume/mist great?

What Makes a Perfume/mist great?

When we look around there is an ever-growing and never-ending variety of perfumes and types of fragrances. At one point we find ourselves in awkward positions contemplating that what fragrance should be get. Should it be a body mist, a body spray, or any other fragrance, like perfume or bakhoor. To have a profound acknowledgment of what these products are first we should have an understanding of what a perfume or a mist is what are factors and elements that make them exceptional and great.

Best perfumes in Pakistan are investing a lot of money in making their perfumes great. The rare combination that makes the scent worth remembering is obtained by pervading various materials some naturally obtained while few artificially obtained.

So, let’s dig into what is a perfume and a body mist.

What is a body mist?

Body mist is a lighter substance it has a light texture, it is less concentrated and soft. Due to the light texture they are not overpowering that is why for the people who are suffering with asthma. Since they are lighter in concentration they do not last longer. When it comes to perfume they have a relatively long lasting effect. Hence body mists comes in much bigger packaging and bottles as compared to perfumes. Body mists are specially designed to hydrate your skin. The day ahead of you is filled with fresh smell and feeling of freshness.

What is a Perfume?

The history of perfume go way back to the commence of mankind on earth. Men have always done different things to smell good.  Enhancing their body odor and that’s how different fragrances came into being. Perfumes have made by natural oils and missed with alcohol and sometimes distilled water. They have a relatively thicker consistency then that of body mists.

The thing that makes a Body Mist and Perfume great:

This is a lot of time and investment that goes into creating the perfect fragrance. Years of research in coming up with the perfect combination of materials. Now there are all sorts of fragrances including hair mist that will make you hair smell good. One thing we expect from the fragrance that makes it great for us on ground level is the scent of it. The scent has to be appealing. It should take over the premises of your mind in order to be great but that’s not it when it comes to the characteristic that make a perfume and a body mist great.  

The thing that makes the people invest their money in perfume or any other fragrance is that how long it stays. The longer it stays the more people will buy it. Now be it any sort of fragrance. I.e. beard mist, body spray or body mist. When we purchase these alternatives we expect them to smell good. But as the smell intrigues the scene of confidence in us all that we want from a fragrance is to last longer. The longer the fragrance will linger with us the keener we are to put our money on the product. There have been different forms of fragrance present in the market for quite some time now. And the factors that make each of them idiosyncratic from the other vary.

But here is a list of the traits that make a perfume/ body mist great:

Good Reviews:

Reviews attract people like honey attracts bees. Before you purchase a fragrance read the reviews. This will help you in understanding the dynamics of the perfume better. As opinions of other people matters when it comes to counting the characteristic that make a fragrance great. The only reason that the product has received good reviews is because it is worthy buying.

It should make you feel confident:

When you wear a fragrance it should make you feel confident. Once you wear it and enter a room. The more the heads will turn towards you the more you will acknowledge the fact that you have one something right. And when you see this happening you feel confident. This is one of the most celebrated traits of a good perfume that makes it exceptionally great.


Now I truly believe that among the traits that make the any perfume or fragrance great. The element of its composition stands tall and first we all know that perfumes are typically made up of three bases. Top, middle and base these three are the ultimate that make perfume or any other body mist what it is. It is the rare composition the selection of the notes that will give birth to an exceptional fragrance the scent is what makes it great.

Last Longer:

Although over the course of time we have come up with many tips and tricks that make the fragrance last longer. Yet, nonetheless the most acknowledged aspect of the perfume is that how long it will last. And yes taking a few measures does take you a long way but sometimes it is the quality of the perfume that matter. Thus the longer the perfume can stay the greater product it would be considered.

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