What Is Oud? And What Makes It So Special

What Is Oud? And What Makes It So Special

We have discussed Attars and Bakhoors in detail in our previous blogs—however, it's time to move forward in the world of arabian fragrances. The new fragrance discussed in this blog originated from the natural raw environment component. It is a premium ingredient with a natural scent of wood, earth, and musk. Let us dig deep into the significance of Oud wood and its aromas. 

What Is Oud?

Oud is the raw material taken from nature, which is expensive and has an earthy fragrance. It is the most popular fragrance obtained from agar trees in India like Assam, northern Areas of India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and several other regions of Southern Asia. The oud is received when Phialophora Parasitica infects trees. The trees start to change color, smell, and appearance as an infection spreads. The tree varies from ordinary brown to dark brown with an unusual resin fragrance. Hence, Oud is the essence of this resin and Phialophora Parasitica infection’s reaction. 

Significance Of Oud In Islam And Other Religion

Oud and several other fragrances have significant values and roles in Islam. These fragrances assist in purifying the environment, reducing diseases, and curing people with natural, soft, and rich scents. The oud is consumed as the air freshener and purifier to enhance the aura of sacred places and houses with positivity and calmness. In Islam, oud has been used as the treatment, remedy for meditation, and a peaceful ambience for a spiritual atmosphere. 

This therapeutic purpose of Oud is also served in several other religions, like Indian Vedas, Buddhism, and Christianity. Oud in every religion has some spiritual essence. Generally, oud symbolizes purification and enhances the spiritual aura at home, sacred ceremonies, and other relaxing places. For the Asian region, oud is used as a herbal treatment solution. 

Myriad Variety Of Oud Fragrances

The scent of the oud is challenging to handle as it is complicated and secretive. The Oud has rich wood essences, a combination of amber and earthy aroma. Its multiple rich notes at every level enhance your fragrance taste and boost calmness in your personality. They are pleasurable and they can’t be ignored. Wild, sophisticated, Exclusive, and synthetic fragrances are the most important qualities of Oud.

• Wild and Sensual Fragrance

It has amber notes with a raw and dark side of wildness and sensuality. Its scent is mysterious in charm and provokes luxury and uniqueness in the atmosphere. 

• Delightful and Exclusive Fragrance

The oud of Cambodia has a floral and sweet scent with a mixture of woody essence. This scent is precious like the fine Gold. Its rare and mysterious nature makes this fragrance unique and delightful.

• Synthetic and Leathery Fragrance

Synthetic oud wood has popularity in producing deep and leathery aromas. Its lasting effect with balsamic base notes with warm top notes enhances the impact of the fragrance. 

Wrap up

Oud has a solid and exquisite fragrance that drives its religious and ceremonial values. You can get authentic Arabic oud wood only on Souk Galleria. These oud fragrances have various country origin scents. Get the luxurious fragrance for your spiritual and sacred gatherings and your home.

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